The Oyster M30 Diagram – Main Components

The diagram below outlines some of the basic components of The Oyster (Model M30). You’ll need this information to see how it works.

Picture Diagram Showing Components of The Oyster M30

The Oyster M30 Collage – Made Strong in the USA

In an attempt to make a collage manly, this collection of strong & beefy images displays some of the basic components of The Oyster M30.

A Simple Process

Spend Less on Baseballs

The Oyster delivers the best results when the process below is integrated with normal training operations. More frequent and much shorter cleaning sessions MAXIMIZE the life of your baseballs and keep your buckets full of white baseballs.

Red Icon of Number 1


Round up your dirty baseballs and group them together by dirtiness level. This allows consistent results with the least amount of run-time needed for each cleaning cycle. Place your dirty baseballs into The Oyster’s removable drum along with the elastic cleaning compound. The maximum number of balls for The Oyster M30 is 30 (hence the model name).


Set the built-in timer to the appropriate value. Run times vary based on the dirtiness level of the baseballs, but the typical run-time is approximately 1-2 hours. Then just like a clothes washer or dryer, walk away and tackle other tasks.


The drum will stop rotating once the timer has counted down. just grab the drum, open the lid and extract your revived baseballs. Then, go ahead and smile. Don’t white baseballs just feel good!?

How to Clean Dirty Baseballs with The Oyster M30

See Examples

See Our Collection of “Before & After” Images.

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