Spend Less on Baseballs Every Year!

With The Oyster M30

It cleans baseballs, extending each ball’s useful life. Programs save 20-40% on baseballs each year while enhancing practice with game-like pearls.

Give Your Baseballs a Longer Life!

Current Lifespan of Baseballs 75
Lifespan of Baseballs with The Oyster M30 100


The Oyster M30TM extends the useful life of your baseballs, delaying the need to purchase more.


The Oyster M30TM keeps baseballs whiter longer so your players can “practice like they play” using game-like baseballs.

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See how well The Oyster cleans & revives baseballs from various environments and conditions.

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See the Pro Teams, Baseball Academies, Colleges, High Schools, and Youth Programs Saving Clams with The Oyster.

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